What to Consider Before Buying a Floor Scrubber

Finding an affordable new floor scrubber for sale can be extremely difficult, but that doesn’t mean property owners and commercial cleaning companies need to rule out the possibility of purchasing this type of equipment entirely. In fact, purchasing used floor scrubbers offers a much more cost-effective alternative, provided readers are willing to do a little bit of homework to ensure that they’re making sensible purchases. Read on to find out about a few basic things to look for when buying used floor scrubbers below.

Consider Space Requirements

If the areas needing to be cleaned aren’t particularly large, it’s usually best to look into walk-behind models. If, however, the scrubber will be used to clean industrial or large commercial spaces, readers should consider purchasing a ride-on floor scrubber. Be sure to consider factors such as the width of aisles in retail environments and take a look at the incline grades of any ramps that may need to be traveled to ensure that the equipment purchased is both narrow enough and powerful enough to get the job done.

Think About Debris Requirements

Some circumstances may require floor scrubbers with pre-sweep brush heads, while others will not. If there’s a chance that there will be substantial amounts of debris, it could lead to equipment damage if the machine is not equipped with a pre-sweep brush head. Even if it costs a little bit more it’s worth purchasing a machine that will not be damaged.

Set a Budget

While it’s true that industrial cleaning equipment tends to be far more expensive than the simple mops, buckets, and vacuums needed to clean residential and small commercial areas, it tends to pay for itself remarkably quickly in saved labor. It’s almost never worth simply purchasing the cheapest machine available. Instead, try to find the largest machine that the space will accommodate, as this will allow operators to carry more water and reduce the amount of time they must spend dumping and refilling it, which will save additional money on labor over time.

The condition of the Machine

When purchasing any form of heavy-duty cleaning equipment used it’s important to take the condition of the machinery into account. If possible, look into refurbished floor scrubbers, as these have been restored to good operable condition prior to being placed up for sale. Again, they may cost a bit more, but the money saved on repairs and their extended longevity will make up for the price difference over time.


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